Bones Found

Archaeologists have reached the trex (Tyrannosaurus rex) ruins and can mint up to 1000 trex bones.


Waiting Trex

After the trex bones are minted, the research will begin.

Waiting Trex


Some bones are more rare. If does not find with mint, you can buy it from other users on platforms such as opensea.

Collect Bones

Collect 6 different bone fragments to create the legendary dinosaurs and exhibit them in the museum.

When bones are combined, legendary dinosaurs are randomly awarded in different elements.




10 Ancient Dinosaurs Bones giveaway, 1 Legendary Ancient Dinosaurs to a random bones holder!


We will be donating $30,000 to people of Ukraine.


We will be launching our Ancient Dinosaurs museum online store.


We are creating a metaverse where archaeologists can create games, social and commercial activities with their own legendary dinosaurs. In addition to that, 6 ETH will be distributed among 6 Ancient Dinosaurs owners.


Hüseyin Tamer

Full Stack Developer

Co-founder and developer of the Dinosaurs

Kemal Sag

Art Director

Co-founder and Creator of the Dinosaurs

Görkem Ünüvar

Backend Developer

The infrastructure developer of Dinosaurs

Ömer Faruk Sevmez


Assistant Creator of the Dinosaurs

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